Bondi Legs - local, sustainable and ethical

Our brand mission is to remove and repurpose waste —not create it!

+ Sustainable

Our buttery soft fabrics are made from regenerated industrial and ocean waste to create luxurious and breathable garments without compromising on quality. We have a holistic approach to fashion and are committed to sustainable practices being carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process. We recognise the importance of taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of our garments and we insist on a high level of transparency during all stages of production.

+ Ethical

100% Australian made and owned, We keep everything on home soil allowing greater control over the ethical production of your garments. We consider a wide range of issues in our approach to maintaining ethical practices such as; the working conditions and general welfare of all employees at every level of production, a commitment to sustainable production, and consideration of animal welfare. Earth babes can rest assured knowing Bondi Legs is 100% human, animal, and environment friendly!

+Slow fashion advocate

Superior fashion design is independent of trends and instead focuses on creating clothing that is versatile, high quality and considerate in its design approach. Our products are design for longevity, we discourage the fast fashion throwaway mentality, instead creating quality pieces designed to be carried through all of the seasons. The timeless and minimalist aesthetic of our garments make them a wardrobe staple, allowing  you to express your own personal sense of style when wearing the pieces. Mindfulness is at the center of slow fashion and our unique garments are meticulously designed to be multiwear making them the perfect new addition to your capsule wardrobe.  

+Minimising eco-footprint

We use clever design practices in the manufacturing of our seamless garments that cuts out wastage by minimising and upcycling fabric off cuts, repurposing the fabric to make cute and earth conscious scrunchies and underwear! We even use recycled swing tags and compostable packaging to send your new purchase to you.